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Digby Family Law, PLC
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 9 reviews
by Larry on Digby Family Law, PLC
Child Custody

I highly recommend Sarah Reist, I live in GA, Kids lived in TN, I did my research and found Atty. Reist. She took my information, I told her what I wanted, she kept me informed, and the case was won! Who said that Dads can't get custody? Well with Atty. S. Reist, I Did!

by Brianna on Digby Family Law, PLC
Very Happy She Was My Lawyer

Mrs. Reist was amazing. She helped me so much, she fought for what I wanted and what was best. I always asked so many questions and she had no problem answering them promptly. I love my children with all my heart and she knew that and did everything she could to help me in my case.

by Kierstin on Digby Family Law, PLC
Family Law & Will

Not too long ago, I hired Sarah Reist to draft my Will. She was efficient, thorough, and produced quality work. Sarah has also been my go-to attorney on several family law related matters. Not only is she an outstanding advocate, but she also thinks outside the box, which allows her to successfully pursue complex family law issues. Overall, Sarah is incredible at what she does, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of a family law attorney.

by Tim on Digby Family Law, PLC
I highly recommend Sarah!

2015 was a difficult year for me and I'm ended up in a situation where I needed an attorney for a very specific situation. I tried contacting several Nashville attorneys but either they were unavailable or was unable to take my case. Sarah was recommended to me. She was very helpful and understanding about my situation and more than willing to help. Within less than two weeks my case had been resolved in my favor and I was able to end 2015 on a strong note. Sarah and her team are very courteous and professional and always kept me updated about my case. I highly recommended her.

by Robert Russell on Digby Family Law, PLC
Extremely Grateful

Sarah saved my sanity. I had been battling in the TN juvenile court system for what seemed like forever with an attorney that was getting me nowhere very slowly. I hired Sarah 11 months into my appeal and within 4 months from her hire date, it was all resolved. She was professional, courteous, and just all around a great person to deal with in general. My biggest problem with the former attorney was the lack of communication I received about matters involving my case, but Sarah was always willing to baby step me through a lot of the more difficult processes of the legalities. I'm extremely grateful for her efforts and would recommend her to anyone needing legal help in TN.

by Sarah on Digby Family Law, PLC
I am very pleased and I highly recommend Sarah Reist

I had consolted with another attorney who seemed great during the initial consolt. However, when I was wanting to hire her she would not return my calls or emails for 3 months. This led me Google to search for another attorney. I found Sarah Reist and now I am glad that other attorney never replied to me because I found Sarah. When I met Sarah, she was with another firm. She was very kind, pleasant, informative and professional. She spent a good amount of time with me. She answered all of my questions. I immediately hired her to write a letter to my ex spouse which she did quickly and efficiently. She since then has opened her own law firm with a colleague but I was very happy because she took the time to write me and give me her new contact information. She also called me to check on me and make sure that I received her letter with new contact information. When my ex husband called her about the letter she wrote him, she called me right away the same day to inform me and thanks to her letter, my ex spouse finally reimbursed me for medical expenses after 11 years of not paying at all. Sarah always answers my emails and never forgets about me. I am now in the process of hiring Sarah Reist again to proceed in child support enforcement / filing a petition for contempt. I have absolute faith in her and recommend her to anyone who is looking for a family law attorney. I also want to say Thank you to Sarah for being so nice and kind to me.

by Jennifer on Digby Family Law, PLC
I would recommend your services to anybody!

Thank you so much, Attorney Sarah Reist, for taking on and completing the adoption of our son. I would recommend your services to anybody!

by Darren on Digby Family Law, PLC
I'm forever grateful for the services Reist & Maples provided.

I had a situation where i needed to relocate and wanted my daughter to come with me. I had a fear that since i was her dad i wouldn't have a fair shot. Sarah helped me establish my primary residential parent status with the courts. We presented all the facts and court sided with us. I'm forever grateful for the services she provided. Thanks again.

by LouAnn on Digby Family Law, PLC
I would recommend Reist & Maples to anyone.

I am not one who usually writes a review, but after the experience that I had, I would like to share that.

I had previously hired another attorney for my divorce and after a year I had gotten no where. I made an appointment with Sarah on a Tuesday and by the end the week she had all of my paperwork from my previous attorney and was ready to move forward. She stayed in contact with me even when there was nothing different in the case. She not only communicated with me, she was thorough, thoughtful and genuine. I would recommend her to anyone; family, friends or even just acquaintances.